NYRS Officers

Diagnostic Radiology

Past President

Robert Young, MD 


Jane Ko, MD

President Elect

Stuart Bentley-Hibbert, MD

Vice President

Adam Jacobi, MD

Secretary Treasurer

Girish Fatterpekar, MD

Members of the Executive Committee

Jacqueline Bello, MD, FACR
Amish Doshi, MD
Kimberly Feigin, MD
Richard Fleury
Shalom Kalnicki, MD
Yvonne Lui, MD
Adil Omer, MD (Resident Rep)
Michelle Ginsberg, MD
Helene Pavlov, MD, FACR
Lawrence Schwartz, MD
Ellen Wolf, MD, FACR
Carolyn Sofka, MD
Joshua L. Weintraub, MD

Resident Representatives

Luke Ginocchio, MD

Radiation Oncology Section


Leah Katz, MD

Tony Wang, MD

Past Chairpersons

Robert Press, MD

Joshua Silverman, MD, PhD

Kevin L. Du, MD PhD

Executive Members

Shalom Kalnicki, MD, Chair, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
John Ng, MD
Jana Fox, MD

Resident Committee Co-Chairs

Arpit Chhabra, MD (SUNY Down State); Ava Golchin, MD (Mount Sinai); Jason Ye, MD (Cornell)

Past Resident Committee Members

Himanshu Nagar, MD (Cornell)
Chi Zhang, MD (Columbia)
Elliot Navo, MD (SUNY DS)
Dana Haddad, MD (Harlem)
Joanna Escalon, MD


Executive Director

Richard Fleury