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March 3rd: Joint Hybrid Event with New England Society of Interventional Radiology. Case presentations. [Off-site location, Draught 55, 245 East 55th Street, New York, NY 10022. Sponsored by BALT]

May 20th: End of the Year Case Competition. [Off-site location, Draught 55]

October 21st : Spooky Complications, Near Misses & Great Saves. [Off-site location, Draught 55]

End of November/December:  Guest Lecturer. Location TBD



Past Meetings



Feb 10th: after NYRS meeting: Agenda -  Angioclub Cases [Off-site location, TBA]

March 16th: after NYRS meeting: Agenda – pre-SIR practice talks [Off-site Location, TBA]

Apr 20th: Regular NYRS meeting cancelled because of review course 23rd-26th: Agenda – Angioclub Complications [Off-site location, TBA]

June 8th: Last Angioclub of the Academic Year. Agenda - CASE OF YEAR PRESENTATIONS [On-site-Location – TBA]

Sep 21st: First Angioclub of the academic year: Agenda – Angioclub (first of academic year) [Off-site location, TBA]

Nov 16th: Last Angioclub of 2020 (AIM/VEITH): Agenda – INVITED SPEAKER – Didactic/Q&A [On-site-Location – TBA]


November 19, 2018 - Angioclub

Sept 17, 2018 IR Section Meeting,
Dr. Hyo-Cheol Kim from Seoul National University Hospital



June 11, 2018 – “Angioclub” Case Competition

Case Winners:

1st Place: Jesse Chen – Transradial Embolization of Penile AV Fistula Causing Priapism – Staten Island University Hospital

2nd Place: Andrew Tannenbaum – Percutaneous Thoracic Aortic Pseudoaneurysm Repair - Cornell

3rd Place: Elliot Landau –  Percutaneous Upper Extremity Venous Bypass Graft Creation using “Gunsight” Technique - Montefiore

4th Place: Rebecca Zener – Low-pressure Bone Stenting with Cementoplasty - MSKCC

5th Place: Alan Birney - Angioseal Retrieval from Common Femoral Artery – Mount Sinai